Monday, March 21, 2011

Come Follow Me, spiritual thoughts from twitter with music

These days splattered over the internet, twitter, facebook and other social media outlets, people are begging for you to follow them.  Come follow me, follow buttons to click and like buttons are standard on most contemporary web pages.

But, it just makes me think that there was one a few thousand years ago, One who said the same thing.  There wasn't the web dynamic, but there was something more superior, a higher being with more genuine synergy. Jesus said to follow Him and all would be well. You tube video Be Not Afraid.

Why then now in the year 2011 are people scurrying all around trying to get people to follow them?  Biblical scholars could pinpoint the chapter and verse, maybe Mark?  But, I know I heard Him say to follow Him. I got caught up in the times too, until I discovered I did not understand the facebook like thing at all and couldn't make it work to save my soul.  So, I decided  or reconfirmed my nature to just 'follow' Jesus in those ways that I can and save my soul in the old-fashioned way.  I'd like to share with you through experiences, words and song. So, I'm just sending out some contemporary good news videos and song about one who has more followers than any twitter could ever dream. 

For one thing, he doesn't give me any security issues or fear of losing my privacy.  Jesus holds my confidence.  I can talk to him day or night and do not have to share with the 'online world'.  When I do feel like sharing with the online world, such as tonight, it is because I an inspired to do so and not just general chit chat to fill precious time.  But then, I found out Pope John Paul II is now on facebook thanks to the current Pope who is keeping his saintly attributes alive during the beatification period.  I guess I'll give facebook another attempt one of these days, since I logged back in to like the Pope! 

I can't forget Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act! I will follow Him. 

During this Lenten season, I guess I'm a little more introspective about life. 
We are one Body by Dana Scallon is a beautiful song that depicts how we all follow one another for the greater good.  I love the 3rd verse and the third rendition of I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.

Carry your Candle by Kathy Troccoli is one of my all time favorites, not just during Lent.  To me, it means paying attention to  your brother and sisters of the world and trying to realize what they are going through and helping them if you can.  If that's not "following" then I don't know what the term follow means.   It's a very powerful song.  I remember playing a recording of this song to a group of Hospice volunteers.  We can all carry our candle every day.

A Steve Angrisano song comes to mind right now.   He has such a gentle and comforting voice and the melodies are so soothing and inspring.  Here's one of his songs.    My Soul is Thirsting.   

I learned at Mass this Sunday that Eucharist is derived from Eucharistine, meaning to give thanks in Latin.  
So, to sign out for tonight.  Malo, Malo Thanks be to God.

Check out Jesse Manibusan with Open my Eyes 
Nothing is beyond You...

Until tomorrow night, are we called to serve?

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