Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flowers of Our Lady, Creating Mary's Gardens

 Looking for churches, home gardeners and parishes that are involved in the ministry of gardening for Mary. 
In starting this blog, I just want to get re-connected with those interested in starting a Mary Garden and those who have created Mary Gardens in the past to offer tips, insights and inspiration, plus share photos and videos of your gardens from around the world.

Many years ago, I had the privilege and honor of working for John Stokes, Jr., co-founder of Mary's Gardens. As we are coming upon Mary's Month of May, I am thinking of the gardens and the flowers of Our Lady.  Here's a link to the Marian News page.  with comments regarding honoring Our Lady. 

"Mary's Gardens was founded in 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to research the hundreds of flowers named in medieval times as symbols of the life, mysteries and privileges of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus—as recorded by botanists, folklorists and lexicographers; and to assist in the planting of "Mary Gardens" of "Flowers of Our Lady" today." from his website now found at University of Dayton Marian Library.

I found Mr. Stokes online actually, while looking for flowers to add to a garden at what was my church, and is my 'home' parish, St.Cecilia's Parish, Ashland, MA.   Friends and I were recreating the Grotto of Our Lady there.  While that was a truly life changing experience, I was soon to meet John Stokes, Jr., via online correspondence and eventually did some transcription. for his work with the organization.  Much of what I transcribed was his thoughts and those of his colleague and friend,  Bonnie Roberson.   From his articles on (now at Dayton).  You will see from reading the main site, there is comprehensive research on the flowers of Our Lady.  I would visit the Lillie Tower being inspired by his original story and also the US National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC while on a college visit. 

I just started a newsletter of sorts.  With not being engaged with recent and new gardens, I posted some I found online and some of my Mary products.  At one time, I remember talking with John about having a Mary's Garden Shoppe and I even had the web domain, because he had secured that in advance.  It just didn't happen back then due to time constraints. 

As life takes me in a new direction, I hope to be able to talk with you all about Mary Gardening.  Whether you are starting one now or have been gardening with Mary in mind for years, we want to hear from  you.
John Stokes was a pioneer in his engagement of dialogue with email and the internet, so many, many years before facebook and twitter.  I would like to do him justice and keep the faith in perpetuity about Marian thoughts and gardening. 



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Vaya con Dios

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